Substance Abuse is an issue that many people face, whether through their own addiction or that of a loved one. Addiction to alcohol or drugs can be damaging to many areas of life including relationships with family or friends, work or school, finances, and physical or mental health.

Often times treatment for substance abuse only becomes a priority after it has caused devastation in one or more areas of a person’s life.

Substance Abuse Help

Individuals who struggle with substance abuse or alcoholism often seek detox, inpatient treatment, residential treatment and community support from faith based or Twelve Step groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous.

An important component of continuing substance abuse treatment is working with a substance abuse counselor in an outpatient environment to address the many issues caused by addictions, learning how to face addiction triggers, and forming a relapse prevention plan with your substance abuse counselor.

Substance Abuse Counseling

Often times, individuals who have substance abuse disorders also experience depression, anxiety, mood disorders, or other mental health disorders. In order to address these additional concerns, it is important to stop using drugs, create and maintain a drug-free lifestyle, and learn to function in a new way in all areas of your life. Because our substance abuse counselors are experienced in treating various mental health issues, we are able to work with you to find balance and relief from your addiction and other challenges. Some examples of substance abuse treatment approaches that our counselors use to help you recover from addiction are Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Family Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing.

When seeking substance abuse treatment, it is important to work with a substance abuse counselor who can help you rebuild your life in alignment with your own values and beliefs. Recovery from addiction can take many forms. The therapists at Cypress Counseling Center are available to explore your options and work in conjunction with any community, faith based, or Twelve Step programs that you may attend in addition to substance abuse counseling. At Cypress, you can find a substance abuse counselor who is familiar with the Twelve Steps and integrates them into individualized treatment.

If you would like to speak with a substance abuse counselor about substance abuse treatment for alcoholism or addiction, or if you need assistance in determining if you or your loved one might benefit from substance abuse counseling, call or email today.