Marriage Counseling

Marriage is difficult work. So much of the time, even when couples are actively trying to listen to each other, misunderstanding remains prevalent. In our relationships, we start out with good intentions, and yet it may seem impossible at times to regain the passion that might have characterized the marriage early on.

Marriages often deteriorate when partners lack adequate communication, or cannot adapt their relationship even when they have a good idea what is going wrong.

Marriage Counselor

Marriage Counseling offers an opportunity to make sense of relationship complexities and effectively negotiate tensions that exist. Closeness and effective communication can be compromised by patterns stemming from our own family experiences growing up.

Marriage Counseling makes it more possible to understand the assumptions we bring to the relationship as well as to develop communication skills and increase the ability to emotionally connect.

Marriage Therapy

We want to work with you and your spouse to regain intimacy and to broaden the ways you are committed to each other. Marriage Counseling can help you better understand yourself and your spouse and how you have been shaped by the other. Infidelity, communication difficulties, lack of intimacy and anger issues are common factors that erode the quality of the marriage relationship. We want to help you increase emotional engagement and connection in your marriage.

If you would like to speak with a counselor, or if you have questions and would like a free 10-minute consultation to determine if you might benefit from Marital Counseling, call or email today.

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