About Existential Therapy

The distress we experience in our day-to-day lives is at times connected to existential concerns. These can include difficulty finding meaning in life, feelings of isolation and fears of death.

We typically encounter these concerns subsequent to relational injury or disillusionment. In order to protect ourselves, we tend to expose only a fraction of who we are to others and we often adopt a more pessimistic or cynical outlook on life.

Existential Therapist

Existential Therapy facilitates a deeper connection to the painful emotions often associated with ultimate concerns. This is done at a gradual pace to ensure therapy does not become overwhelming.

While our general inclination is to avoid pain, greater freedom can be experienced when we accept our fears. When we do this over the course of Existential Therapy, it becomes more possible to focus on what we can control, which enables us to live more intentional, satisfying lives.

Existential Counseling

We want you to be able to take more control of your life and to help you let go of the many things you cannot control. We understand how difficult it is to enjoy life and find meaning in it when we get so many messages that we are insignificant or not good enough. Existential Therapy offers the opportunity to rekindle the curiosity and imagination within in order to embrace life more fully, achieve clarity and experience a greater sense of purpose.

If you would like to speak with a counselor, or if you have questions and would like a free 10-minute consultation to determine if you might benefit from Existential Therapy, call or email today.

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