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You and your partner deserve a life of happiness, mutual respect, and intimacy.

Even under the best of circumstances, maintaining a healthy relationship can prove challenging. As with other relationships, our romantic relationships have ups and downs, laughter and tears, arguments, and debates. Whether positive or negative, we typically reserve our strongest feelings for the people we love the most. However, when conflicts and challenges remain unresolved, they continue to build over time and can adversely impact the relationship dynamic. 

If you’re feeling helpless and overwhelmed by the challenges in your marriage, we want you to know - you’re not alone

Compassionate Care to Help You Regain Communication, Trust, and Respect

Relationships are hard. They require effort, understanding, respect, and active listening to work. Even in the healthiest of relationships, all couples face their fair share of challenges. When left unresolved, these challenges can leave wounds that deepen over time. However, with the right tools and solutions, you and your partner can rebuild and reinvigorate your bond. Regardless of the obstacles in your relationships, couples therapy is designed to provide the support needed to reconnect, rebuild intimacy, and broaden the ways you and your partner commit to each other. 

At Cypress, our team of mental health professionals is here to help support you through these challenging times. Whether you are dealing with an ongoing concern or need to address a recent challenge impacting your life, we’re here to help. 

Common Relationship Challenges

Couples Counseling Can Help Address

A Safe Space for Growth and Development

At Cypress, we create customized treatment plans to help couples understand their individual and shared needs so they can work towards building and maintaining a loving partnership. Using a combination of scientific techniques and creative solutions, we empower our clients to live their best lives. 

We understand that facing your fears and challenges can be uncomfortable, and we don’t expect you to do it alone. Contact a member of our team to schedule your consultation today.  No pressure, no obligation.  We look forward to hearing from you.

“Communication is the fuel that keeps your relationship burning, without it, your relationship goes cold.”
- William Paisley