Why Giftedness Testing?

Do you believe your child may be gifted? The National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) estimates that there are approximately 3 million academically gifted children in the U.S., representing around 6% of the student population.

Identifying a gifted child can provide them with abundant opportunities. In traditional academic settings, these children may feel bored, under-stimulated and unchallenged. But, if their skills are recognized, they can be developed by educators who know the unique needs of gifted children, who thrive in specialized academic environments.

What a Giftedness Assessment Entail?

We specialize our assessments to each case. Sometimes an Intelligence test (IQ Test) is used to categorize intellectual ability. In other cases, we will use testing that focuses on specific academic strengths such as reading or math to identify exceptional aptitude in a specific area of learning.

Step 1 We will discuss the history of the child in detail to gain understanding and decide what testing will best fit his or her needs.

Step 2 The testing itself can range from one to several hours depending on the specific tests, but is typically completed in one visit.

Step 3 After the psychologist has scored and interpreted the test results, they will meet with you to provide a customized written report, discuss the results, and make recommendations for you and your child.

Is Testing Covered by Insurance?

No. Insurance will only pay for services related to a psychological illness, and do not cover academic testing. We would be happy determine what tests your child would need and give you an estimate over the phone.

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