Daniel Bingham, Psy.D.

Dr. Daniel Bingham’s areas of clinical interest include working with long-standing depression, anxiety, trauma, identity confusion and personality issues that undermine relationship satisfaction.

Amanda Bode Davidson, MS, LLP

Amanda is an LGBTQ+ affirming psychologist with experience providing individual, couples, and group therapy. While she works with clients of all ages, she has extensive experience working with teens, college students, and young adults.

Jordan Backstrom, Psy.D.

With a background in existential therapy, Dr. Backstrom specializes in depression, anxiety, adjustment disorders, and relationship counseling.

Alexandra Kahtava, MS, LLP

Alexandra enjoys working with a diverse range of clients and utilizes a person-centered view while creating a treatment approach tailored to the individual.

David Owen-Cruise, MA, LLP

David utilizes techniques including Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and psychoeducation, and he has a particular interest in working with people experiencing depression, anxiety, trauma, and serious mental illness.

Brittany Burns, MS, LLP

Brittany works with adults in all phases of life, striving to provide a safe and welcoming environment for clients to develop the insight and confidence necessary to grow and change.

Matthew Zimmer, LMSW

Matthew is a Licensed Masters Social Worker who is successful in providing therapy to clients across the life span and who are experiencing trauma, loss, family and relationship conflict, parenting issues, LGBTQIA identities, and existential crises.

Sarah Lascano, MA, LLPC

Sarah Lascano is passionate about helping children, teens, and adults grow in confidence regarding their identity, and helping them embrace their lives more fully.

Jerrod O’Brien, MA, LPC

Jerrod enjoys working with a diverse population and he specializes in helping individuals and couples dealing with depression, anxiety and relationship issues.

Leah Sylver, MA, LPC

Leah Sylver is a Licensed Professional Counselor who’s passionate about working with young adults, adults, and couples to help them navigate through life challenges.