Teletherapy: What You Need to Know

While telehealth is not a new concept, the latest developments of the global pandemic have brought telemedicine into the spotlight. In fact, the implementation of telehealth services during COVID-19 has been lightning fast. Healthcare providers all over the world not only recognize the effectiveness of telemedicine across different modalities, but they are also recognizing its effectiveness in addressing mental health concerns. In fact, a Price Waterhouse-Cooper survey of patients aged 18 to 44 found 72% of respondents would be willing to receive mental health care virtually, in place of an in-office visit.

Teletherapy services are safe, effective, and comparable in outcomes to in-person services. Unlike other medical services, which may involve a physical exam, most mental health services rely solely on the ability of therapists and patients to connect emotionally. This connection facilitates an open and authentic conversation about mental health goals. 

Accessible for More People

For individuals living in rural communities, living with a disability, or for those who are unsure about trying therapy for the first time, teletherapy provides a safe alternative to an in-person therapy session. Whether physical, mental, or emotional, teletherapy helps to remove any barriers for individuals seeking out therapy. 

Provides More Flexibility

Between balancing work, family, and finding time to relax and unwind, finding time to squeeze a therapy session in can prove challenging. Teletherapy provides more flexibility for patients to fit their sessions into their busy schedules. Since teletherapy can be done from any location where you have access to a stable internet connection, you can receive therapy when it’s most convenient for your schedule. You’ll even save the time associated with driving to and from your in-person sessions!

Improves Timeliness

How many of us have been late to an appointment because of traffic, getting lost on the way, or life in general? With teletherapy, you no longer have to face these possible obstacles because you won’t have to worry about leaving your home to make it to your session. Simply log-in to your secure teletherapy session and you’re good to go.

Anxiety-Free Environment

Even before COVID-19, it was not uncommon for individuals to feel anxious about attending their therapy sessions. During the pandemic, anxiety is heightened as we are asked to social distance and limit in-person contact with one another. Teletherapy allows individuals seeking therapy to attend sessions in the privacy of their own home (or wherever they choose).

HIPAA Compliant, Safe & Secure

Accepted by most insurance companies, teletherapy provides an alternate option for individuals looking to fit therapy sessions into their busy schedules in a safe and secure manner. At Cypress, all of our teletherapy sessions are HIPAA compliant. Additionally, all teletherapy calls are encrypted for safety and security. Essentially, your experience in-person and through teletherapy are just as effective for achieving your mental health goals.

How does Teletherapy Work?

Similar to our in-person sessions, prior to your first teletherapy session, our staff will help you verify your insurance benefits and discuss your mental health goals to pair you with the right therapist. We’ll schedule your teletherapy session for a time that best suits your current schedule. You’ll use your computer, tablet, or smartphone to log on to your encrypted teletherapy session right from your home. It’s really that easy! Once our offices reopen, you’ll be able to resume your sessions in person or through teletherapy.

Cypress Teletherapy

At Cypress, our mission is to provide exceptional mental health services, and we remain deeply committed to ensuring access to care during this uncertain time. For the Cypress family, this means working diligently to support our clients and clinicians, providing the highest quality safe, and secure teletherapy offerings. We create customized treatment plans for our in-person and teletherapy clients to help them address the symptoms or concerns that prompted them to begin psychotherapy.  We are intent on empowering our clients through psychotherapy and we look forward to the opportunity to walk with you on the journey toward greater health and wholeness. 

Contact a member of our team to schedule your teletherapy session today!