By Abraham Bilyeu, Ph.D.

Seasons Changeautumn_leaves

Another fall season is upon us—a season of trees changing color, taking kids on hayrides, picking apples with family and watching foo
In our efforts to maximize every outdoor moment before winter arrives, many of us enjoy a good deal of tailgating and barbecues. These are all excellent ways to enjoy the season and support your favorite team. Sharing your favorite craft beer or apple cider with friends can be a great way to make lasting memories. In the midst of all this fun, it can be easy to have a couple more drinks than you may have intended. Our health and the health of our relationships sometimes can be undermined without direct intention. Moderate drinking with friends can be both a fun and bonding activity without the literal headache that comes when alcohol becomes the focus of the gathering.

Fall Into Balance

Rooting on your favorite team and players has become a multi-billion dollar industry with fantasy leagues dominating commercial air time and water cooler talks. Creating a fantasy group with your friends can be another great way to stay connected while adding some competition to your weekly discussions. Moderation is once again key here, as it can be easy to get carried away with intense competition. Look for signs that you are competing in a healthy way, such as still enjoying games you watch even if your team/players do not perform well, and being honest with loved ones about the amount of time and money you spend with these activities.  Taking a week off to relax with family while disconnecting from your phone can also demonstrate how much you care, while balancing your busy life.

As the Leave Turn

Just like honing your barbecuing skills and planning the perfect trip to the local apple orchard takes time and effort, so do our relationships. Remember that much of the meaning we derive from these events are from the people we share these activities with. Remaining focused on strengthening our relationships by creating new memories each fall season, we are setting ourselves up for success by ensuring we have the support we need down the road. So get out there, enjoy the season, and make some great memories along the way.