About Cypress Counseling Center

How It All Began

Working together to achieve positive change.

Founded in 2013 by Dr. Daniel Bingham, Cypress Counseling Center embodies the vision of creating a community of clinicians who work together to provide a welcoming and nurturing environment. Since we opened our doors, our practice has expanded to include a diverse “family” of professionals who strive to provide a broad range of empathic and effective mental health solutions for our clients.

At our core, we are proud to work with our clients as they embark on their path to personal growth and happiness. Grounded in a deep valuing of the human person, we combine cutting-edge science with compassionate concern to create customized plans that help develop the inner resources needed to restore functionality, enhance your confidence, and create your best life.

The Cypress Tree

You are strong, valued, and capable.

A diverse family of trees, the Cypress tree has become a symbol of elevation, hope, and freedom beyond suffering. Like the Cypress tree, our practice consists of a diverse “family” of mental health professionals who work together to collectively provide exceptional clinical care. And like a family, we’re as committed to each other as we are our clients. We care about each other and invest in each other’s happiness and well-being. As a result, we are able to consistently share this energy with our clients.

At Cypress we believe in fostering a safe and supportive environment designed to promote healing, growth, and greater peace in your life. Whether you are a seasoned client or are meeting a mental health professional for the first time, our team of therapists is here to ensure your sessions are welcoming and productive.

The Cypress Mission & Culture

A Diverse Team with a Collaborative Approach

Cypress is a premier private group practice dedicated to enhancing the emotional wellbeing of children, teens, and adults. Consistently motivated by compassion, we are committed to our mission of providing the highest quality mental health care services to encourage growth, transformation, and personal development. However, we strive to go above and beyond providing excellent care.

We want our clients to understand we’re right by their side as they face their challenges. We recognize their immense resiliency and strengths, and are honored they have chosen to work with us. Our team consists of mental health professionals with a wide range of expertise and experience. Together we leverage that collective expertise and experience to help our clients and their loved ones find the solutions they need to reach their mental health goals.

The Cypress Approach

Creative, Tailored Solutions

Our diverse team of therapists provides individualized treatment with a client-centered approach to help individuals, couples, and families gain the skills they need to accomplish change and achieve their long-term goals. By cultivating an environment that is welcoming, safe and secure, our customized approach to therapy is designed to help promote healing, growth, and balance.

At Cypress, we truly believe you deserve the utmost respect and the highest quality in mental health care services, and take great pride in helping you on your path to achieve personal growth and sustained life satisfaction. Through our training and collective experiences, we’ve come to understand that consistent, compassionate, and evidence-driven care not only enables you to achieve lasting success, but it’s also what you deserve.

We look forward to working with you.

“The most fulfilling experience is witnessing the courage of our clients every day.”
- Dr. Daniel Bingham