The Cypress Name

“Cypress” represents a robust family of trees that has long been associated with longevity, stability and consolation. The Cypress tree is a symbol of hope and freedom beyond suffering.  We believe in fostering a safe, supportive environment for healing, growing and experiencing greater peace in your life.

The Cypress Culture

We have established a work environment at Cypress designed to attract talented, empathic mental health professionals.  At Cypress, we actively foster collaboration and support.  We celebrate diversity and cultivate leadership.  We understand that this kind of “community” best facilitates the kind of consistent, compassionate care that you deserve.

Cypress Counseling Center seeks to provide the highest quality mental health care consistently motivated by compassion.  We strive to optimize your care, so that you feel increasingly listened to, understood and informed.  When possible, we actively collaborate with healthcare professionals in order to provide integrated care and treat the whole person.  At Cypress, we are dedicated to providing compassionate care from the moment you first contact us.

Specialized care for individuals, couples and families.